Regular attendance by all students is very important.  Sometimes it may be necessary for a student to miss school for reasons of illness, death of a relative, religious reasons or an emergency.  

Each student who is absent must immediately, upon return to school, make arrangements with his/her teacher(s) to make up work missed.  Students who are absent from school for reasons not permitted by Ohio law may or may not be permitted to make up work.


Parents should notify the school’s attendance secretary by phone at 855-339-9012 on the day a student is absent/tardy unless previous notification has been given in accordance with school procedure for excused absences.  Notification must occur as early as possible the same day that the student is absent/tardy from school, but not later than 9:00am.  The attendance line is available 24 hours a day to leave a message.  When reporting a student’s absence/tardy, the parent/guardian should provide the following information: student’s first and last name, homeroom teacher, reason for absence/tardy and the child’s mother’s maiden name or student ID#, plus the student’s date of birth.  This system has been implemented for the safety of our student population.  If the school’s attendance secretary does not receive a call from the parent/guardian by 9:00am, the parent/guardian will be contacted to determine why the child is not in school.  The parent/guardian or other responsible person shall be notified on their home and cell phone numbers using the School Messenger district calling system.  

Attendance is based upon minutes that your child is present in school each day. This is a cumulative calculation which means that all minutes that your child is not at school will be recorded, even if they leave during the school day and return.  The calculation starts with the beginning of the school day and ends with dismissal.

1-90 minutes (including early dismissals)       Tardy

91-330 minutes                                               Half day absent

331-405 minutes                                             Full day absent

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